January 6, 2009

Walking from Ginza to Akihabara (giraffe)

statue of giraffe
I found this big statue at the crossing which chuo-dori(strret) meets yaesu-dori(street).
I think this giraffe is elegant.

crossing of chuo-dori and yaesu-dori
I'm walking along chuo-dori to the north.
If I turn to left this crossing, I will get Tokyo station easily.
But I keep walking straight.
Because I go to akihabara by walking.

To be continued.
These photos were taken on January 3,2009


Malyss said...

a very strange place to meet a giraffe, even a pretty one!...Ü

JM said...

The giraffe is really cool and the composition too!

PinkPanthress said...

Very pretty Lady... but is she wearing a Toque?

Hilda said...

I like her too! Love her lines.

nobu said...

Thanks all.
Pink Panthress; yes, she is wearing toque.

Marc said...

Arty giraffe that!

Anne Vis said...

It's so much fun walking with you through Tokyo! Great shots again!

Anonymous said...
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