February 13, 2009

Five-Storied Pagoda in Ueno Park

five storied pagoda in ueno parkThis five-storied pagoda is located in the precinct of ueno zoo.
I took this photo on the precinct of ueno toshogu shrine that is next to ueno zoo.
This tower was rebuilt in 1639.

This photo was taken on February 10, 2009.


PinkPanthress said...

I love Pagodas! And very nice angle you took it from! :)

Malyss said...

An other marvel that could cross the time..What was the use of it?Why is it so high? is it for a spiritual reason or for some practical reason?..

Malyss said...

Me again;
Yesterday in the evening I saw an interesting emission on TV.
It was about the old "yakuza movies" made in Japan in the 50 ies and in the 60ies.We could hear actors, directors, producers, talking and telling how they could do such movies. They talked about the TOEI company, about actors like ANDO, who was a real yakuza before becoming an actor. They showed an old man who was a famous fencing-master and had showed to great actors how to fight with swords.They told that often, they used real yakuza in movies, when they needed to show people with tatoos, or special scares.They explained that in those old times, yakuza were more like samourai, but some years after, they became simple bad guys.They showed pieces of old movies, such as "Graveyard of honor", or "Sympathy for the underdog"..
It was quite interesting! an other side of Japanese culture!

nobu said...

Usually we can't enter the tower in my photo.
I don't know certainly why the tower is so high.
But I supose that people can worship even from the distance.

Malyss said...

Me again again :-))
I answered to your question about Saint Georges on my blog( in a simple way: the legend has several sides).I'm not surprised by your choice: he was a kind of samourai..

Marc said...

This is a beautiful pagoda. It was built in the same period that most of the canalhouses on my blog were built.

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