February 27, 2009

Kand-gawa (river)

Kand-gawa is a river which flows in Tokyo from west to east.
And this river meets sumida-gawa(river).
I took this photo on the ochanomizu-bashi (bridge) to the West.
This bridge is not so beauitiful (I think ), but it is a nice place to take a picture of the river.


This photo was taken February , 21 , 2009.


Malyss said...

A green oasis between the white of the modern buildings

Marc said...

I notice the great contrast between the river and green strip along it and the urban buildings. Nice that there's still something natural left there.

Babooshka said...

A place of peace abeaty in a busy world.

JM said...

Beauiful! What a nice perspective!

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