February 28, 2009


in front of ochanomizu stationI took photo above in front of ochanomizu railway station.
Ochanomizu (ocha-no-mizu) literally means "water of tea" or "water for tea" in English.
In Edo era, there was a fountain in a temple which was on north side of current kanda-gawa(river).
And the water of the fountain was given to Tokugawa shogun for making tea .

"ochanomizu" is not town name.
But the neighbourhood around ochanomizu station ( a part of kanda section and a part of yushima section ) is called ochanomizu.

This neighbourhood is well known as students town.
Because there are many university in ochanomizu.

monument of ochanomizu Photo above is a monument of ochanomizu.
( It is not fountain )
The monument is on a corner of the crossing in the first photo.

Thiese photos were taken on Februarly , 21 , 2009.


Marc said...

Interesting to hear where the area got it's name from. It is probably quite significant because tea is very important in Japan.

Malyss said...

It's difficult to imagine that the temple and the crossing above are in the same area! they are so different!I love the beauty of the name, "water for tea"; that tells so much things...

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