February 26, 2009

Ume Festival in Yushima Tenjin (3)

an event of ume festival
an event of ume festivalShe is a traditional instrument player.
That instrument is Biwa.
She played music in ume garden as an event of the festival.
It is pity that I was not able to take a photo when she was playing the music.

These photos were taken on February , 21 , 2009.


Malyss said...

Your picture is lovely anyway: this woman is as pretty and frail as a doll , the light in the trees behind is beautyful, the atmosphere is bright and light.Beautyful sight of Japanese culture!

JM said...

The lady looks fantastic as well as the tree behind her! Great composition!

Hilda said...

The Biwa looks fascinating. The woman's costume too.

Marc said...

The comment I tried to leave yesterday seems not to have arrived. Anyway, I took a look on youtube to listen to the biwa and I found out it is played with a huge plectrum.

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