May 5, 2009

All Alone

hibiya park

hibiya park
tortoise on the lawn
Today, I went to hibiya park again.
When I went to there, it drizzled.
I saw no one around me.
When I took a photo in the park, I found something small moving on the lawn.
It was a tortoise.
Maybe she came from a pond in the park.

This photo was taken on May 5 , 2009.


JM said...

How wonderful to be alone at that beautiful park! Lucky you! :-)

Malyss said...

That post makes me happy: I like turtles , I love rain , I like deserted places and I like benches!..To be alone in the middle of a park gives the feeling to be so free and peaceful!

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Nobu!
You brought joy for my day! Fantastic park!
I love Tortugas and that one is so cute!
Many thanks for so beautiful post


Anne Vis said...


Vogon Poet said...

Nothing is better than taking photos with nobody around to disturb your framing or crossing your sight.
A bit of rain is nothing in exchange of this...
Very good images, I liked the statue of the fountain and the real tortoise.

amatamari said...


Jacob said...

Why no people at such a beautiful place on a beautiful day?

Great photos.

Tall Gary said...

It is amazing that such life as the tortoise can survive in the heart of Tokyo. I find that more impressive than the pelican sculpture you photographed so well.

In 1857 Hiroshige showed us the site of what is now Hibiya Park. Then, it was the Edo estate of the Nabeshima clan (of the Saga Domain on Kyushu Island). The white-walled and red-gated estate can be seen here.

That hint of a brown wall with tile on top, seen peeking out from behind the pine branches on the far left of the woodblock print, is where the Imperial Hotel is located today.

m_m said...

Beautiful and calm place:)

Ayie said...

It's nice to be along in the park sometimes. I can relax better. That's a cute tortoise!

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