May 29, 2009

Kumogata-pond in Hibiya Park

Kumogata-pond in hibiya park
I have already introduced you shinji-pond in hibiya park.
Today, I introduce you another pond in the park.

This pond is called "kumogata ike".
"Kumogata " means figure of cloud.
You can see lovely fountain in the pon.

This photo was taken May 23 , 2009.

Kumogata-pond in hibiya park
Kumogata-pond in hibiya park


Malyss said...

The fountain is like an echo or a tribute to the heron you showed us some days ago;
I'm surprised that there is nobody around..The place is so beautyful and peaceful.
You give us to discover a very different view of Tokyo. I was thinking That the city was only filled with high and modern buildings, but all those gardens, parks, rivers , ..tell me I was wrong. Thank you to help us discovering the "hidden-but-so-charming-side" of your town..

m_m said...

Lovely place to find a moment of relax!
Have a nice weekend!

get zapped said...

I especially like the first one. So contemplative.

Vogon Poet said...

Enchanting view straight out a fairy tales. How can be that nobody is around? Aren't these parks full of people at some time of the day?

Cezar and Léia said...

Soothing scenery, I can almost hear the sound of the water and birds around...

Marc said...

The fountain seems like a tribute to the heron in your earlier post. Nice to post them both.
I'm taking a break from blogging, as posted on my blog. I'll visit here from time to time though, to enjoy your views of Tokyo, nobu. Kindest regards from Amsterdam.

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