January 28, 2009

Bridge between two holy places

hijiribashiThis is hijiri-bashi (hijiri-bridge).
Hijiri-bashi literally means "holy bridge" or "sacred bridge".
This bridge is btween two holy places.

view from hijiribashiThis is a view from hijiri-bashi.
You can see yushima seido over the road.

view from hijiribashiThis is a view from hijiri-bashi to the east.
Subway tracks are across the river.
You can see platform of ochanomizu railway station in the right.

hongo-doriI have just crossed the bridge.
I'm approaching to the final destination in this walking.
You might find it in this photo.

To be continued.

These photos were taken on January 16, 2009.


Cormano said...

Cool, man.

Hyde DP said...

what a very busy looking place this is

Malyss said...

Is your destination the kind of circular roof that's looks like a church?
Seen from the bridge, Yushima Seido seems even more lost in the modern city. Ad so seems the little river, wedged among roads and railways..I'd like to see the whole place in the ancient times, when both temple and river were probably among the nature..

Marc said...

OK. I wonder what the final destination is.

tr3nta said...

wow... I love the river view with all those bridges and stuff!!!

White Oleander said...

I really love Japan. A very clean country.

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