January 31, 2009

Snow Block on the Street

snow block on the street
On that day I walked from akihabara to Nikorai-do(Nicolai Cathedral).
After I took photos of the cathedral, I still strolled around ochanomizu.

When I walked on yasukuni-dori(street) at kanda-ogawamachi(town name), I saw a large snow block on the street.

It was a strange view. so I tried to touched on the block.
Yes, it was really snow.
I thought it was brought to there from somewhere far away.

Well, I give you a quiz.

"Why did they set the snow block on the street?"

Please write your idea as a comment!!
I will answer tomorrow.

To be continued.

This photo was taken on January 16, 2009.


Marc said...

Maybe it was freezing outside, so it was the perfect place to keep it there.

JM said...

I have no idea but I'm looking forward to know the answer! :-)

Hyde DP said...

I am wondering why it isn't melting as there is no snow on the streets - I can only think maybe someone is going to turn it into a sculpture.

Hilda said...

Oh goodness, what a strange thing to encounter on the street! I can't even begin to guess, but I'm definitely coming back tomorrow to find out the answer!

Malyss said...

1)As everyone says the planet is getting warmer and warmer, each country was allowed to take a piece of the last snow to put it in a museum, so that our children may see how was the snow in the old times.
2) a new bar is opening, and they need a lot of ice for their drinks.
3)Tokyo was choosen for the next Olympic winter games, and snow is used as publicity.
4)Someone in the neighbourhood has adopted a penguin and needed snow to make a house for it.
5) A photographer needed snow to picture top models for the next winter clothes collection.
6) Someone is collecting pieces of every white things of the world.
7)Someone has cut off his finger and needed snow to keep it alive until to go to hospital.
8)Someone wanted to make a joke to a passing-by photographer.

PinkPanthress said...

a.) They were going to create an Ice Sculpture, and this was the Base.

b.) Some people still have those old Iceboxes, and this was a free possibility to get some Ice for it. ;)

But I think it might be 'a'.

Marc said...

Malyss, you have a great sense of humour :-)

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