February 23, 2009

Cat on the Tree

cat on the tree I took this photo in ueno park.
He (she) was looking at visitors.

I finish this series, "ueno park in winter", by this photo.
I wanted to take photos in this park when It was snow , but I was not able to do it in this winter.

I think ueno park has wonderful sceneries every each seasons.
I will come back here when spring comes.

This photo was taken on February, 10 , 2009.


Malyss said...

I remember a time when it was easy to find cats living in gardens and parks of the city;People came and feed them, and they were happy. Nowadays, we don't see such cats anymore. Your visit to Ueno park was very peaceful and fresh, a good transition between winter and spring pictures..

Hilda said...

S/he looks like a very healthy cat, and the twisted branch is fascinating. I agree that Ueno Park is beautiful and I really enjoyed this series. I'll be looking forward to your Spring photos!
Don't forget to vote for the April theme! We get two choices this time, thanks to Elaine. Please help spread the word too.

Marc said...

Nice picture to round off the Ueno park series. I love cats. I look forward to your spring walk in the park.

JM said...

Amazing tree shape!

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