February 2, 2009


hijiri-bashi Hihiri-bashi is a bridge across kanda-gawa(river).
It was built in 1927.
Name of the bridge was decided by an open call participant.
"Hijiri-bashi( 聖橋 )" literally means "holy bridge" or "sacred bridge".
Photo above is a view from the platform of ochanomizu railway station.

hijiri-bashi and kanda-gawa(river)
Photo above is a view from neighboring bridge.


Marc said...

You present the holy bridge very well , especially in the second picture with the river and reflection in the water.

Malyss said...

A little path of old times and nature finds its way through the modern city

Hilda said...

Of course now I have to ask: why holy or sacred? Does it have something to do with the history of the area?

nobu said...

Thanks all!!

Because the bridge is between two holy places, "Yushima Seido" and "Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral".

Hilda said...

Thank you so much for answering my question, Nobu. Now the name makes so much more sense :)

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