February 19, 2009

Small Birds on the Tree

small birds on the tree in ueno park
Ueno park is a nice place for birds to live.
I took these photo with my cell phone camera when I strolled along shinobazu pond that is located in ueno park.
I feel something peaceful when I see those small birds in the park.

Please click these photos to see them.

small birds on the tree in ueno park


Thses photos were taken on February 10 , 2009.


Malyss said...

I like birds, sweet lovely creatures, frail, and always singing.

Marc said...

What's a park without birds? There seem to be quite a few of them in this one. Lovely.

nobu said...

Malyss, Thanks for your comment!!
Mark; I don't know any wild small animal in the park.

Mo said...

So lovely to see the birds in the park. There are less in London Parks than in the past.

Anonymous said...
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