November 30, 2008

National Museum of Western Art

The National Museum of Western ArtThe National Museum of Western Art is located in ueno park.
This museum was opened in 1959 on the basis of Matsukata Collection.
The main building was designed by Le Corbusier.

You can see masterpieces of modern French sculpture in the garden.

the thinker"The thinker" ( by Rodin )

The Gates of Hell"The Gates of Hell" ( by Rodin )

Hercules the Archer "Hercules the Archer" ( by Bourdelle )

Ginkgo tree in ueno park

ginkgo tree in ueno park
Cherry blossoms of ueno park is well known, and In summer shinobazu pond is covered with fresh green lotus.
But you can see other beautiful scenery in fall in ueno park.

Ginkgo is symbol flower of Tokyo.
The leaves change to yellow in fall.
There are many of ginkgo trees in the park.

Birds in Shinobazu Pond

birds in shinobazu pond
birds in shinobazu pond Shinobazu pond hosts various kind of birds.
You can see many of birds there.

birds in shinobazu pond They looks pretty.
Those waterfowls don't seem to be afraid of man.

November 28, 2008

Shinobazu Bentendo

shinobazu bentendo It is on the small island which lies at center of shinobazu pond.
Original building was burned down by the war in 1945.
Current building was rebuilt in 1958 as ferro concreat building.
I like this direction.

Shinobazu Pond

stroll road in shinobazu pond
Shinobazu pond is a large pond located southern part of ueno park.
This pond is divide into three parts by bank for stroll road.

boat pond Photo above is a part called "boat pond".
You can row a boat there.

lotus pond
This part isc alled "lotus pond".
It is covered with lotus.

November 27, 2008

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

tokyo bunka kaikan
tokyo bunka kaikanTokyo Bunka Kaikan was opened 1961 in ueno park by Tokyo Metropolitan goverment.
It has two hall.
Main hall is used for opra, ballet, and large orchestras.
The recital hall is mainly used for chamber music and recital.

Ueno Royal Museum

ueno royal museum Ueno Royal Museum is a nongovermental museum which is located in ueno park.
It is near to statue of Saigo Takamori.

poster of leonard foujita exhibition On that day, I went there, Leonard Foujita exhibition was held.

November 26, 2008


kiyomizu-kannondo Kiyomizu-Kannondo is located in ueno park.
It is near to the statue of Saigo Takamori.
It was built in 1631 with modeled on Kiyomizu-Dera in Kyoto.

view from kiyomizu-kannondoPhoto above is a view from the stage of Kiyomizu-Kannondo.


November 25, 2008

Statue of Saigo Takamori

statue of Saigo Takamori
This is a well known statue in ueno park.
I thik it is a symbol of ueno.
Saigo Takamori is one of leader of the Meiji Restoration.
This is a statue that Saigo take a dog out for a walk.

It is very popular for visiters of the park.
But, they say that his wife didn't like it, Because she thought those clothes in the statue are poor.

statue of Saigo Takamori(note)
"Saigo" is family name.
"Takamori" is first name"

Stairway to Ueno Park

stairway to ueno parkIt is close to keisei-ueno station and koen-guchi exit of JR ueno station.
You can enter ueno park by going up to the stairway.
Usually some pavement artists are draw a portrate on the stairs.

pavement artist on the stairs
pavement artist on the stair

November 24, 2008

Ueno Park

ueno park
Ueno park is a large park which is located west side of ueno station.
It is on the hill.
Official name of the park is "Ueno onshi koen", but usually we call it "Ueno koen".
(koen means park)

shinobazu pond
shinobazu pond
The park is in rich nature.
We can have each beautiful scenery of four seasons in the park.

fountain pond In the park, there are many of historical building and culture facility, such as museum, art museum, music hall, and zoo.

In this week, I will introduce you the park.
Well, I'm waiting for you at the entrance of the park, tomorrow.

kiyomizu kannondo
the national science museum

Koen-guchi exit of Ueno station

koen-guchi exit of ueno stationThis is one of exit of ueno station.
"koen" means park.
It is faced to ueno prak, so you can go to ueno park from there easily.
It is also near to keisei-ueno station.

In front of the keisei ueno station

in front of the keisei ueno stationI went to ueno last saturday to take photos in ueno park.
I took this photo in front of the keisei ueno station.
"Keisei ueno station " is a station of keisei-line which is maneged by Keisei electric railway company.
It is near to JR ueno station , you can see it over there.
That street is chuo-dori(street).

November 22, 2008

Mansei-bashi in afternoon

mansei-bashi in afternoonAfter comming back to akihabara from ueno, I came to there.
Mansei-bashi (bridge) is a bridge over kanda-gawa(river).
It is a bridge of chuo-dori.
I like that light.

Chuo-dori at Ueno

chuo-dori at ueno This is chuo-dori (street) at ueno.
It is near to Ueno station.
You can see woods of ueno park over there.

By the way, on that time, it is getting dark by cloud.
So I decided to go back akihabara.

Ueno-hirokoji crossing

ueno-hirokoji crossingIt is crossing kasuga-dori and chuo-dori.

ueno-hirokoji crossing
At one of corner of the crossing, there is a story tellers hall, name,"ueno hirokoji-tei".
It is very small.
It is a hall of Rakugo(traditional comic story telling).

ueno hirokoji-tei

November 21, 2008

The Prime Minister Taro Aso

I took this photo on the way to ueno from akihabara.
He is very popular in akihabara.
And he is also very popular among Otaku people.
Because he likes manga.

Suehirocho crossing

suehirocho crossingIt is crossing of kuramaebashi-dori and chuo-dori.
There is suehirocho station under the crossing.
It is a station of subway ginza-line.

Chuou-dori at Akihabara electric town

chuo-dori at akihabara electric town This is chuo-dori(street) at akihabara electric town.
It is near to akihabara station.
There are many of electronics shops and hoby shops along the street.
On that day, I decide to went to ueno by walking.
If you go for north along the street, you can get to ueno.

November 20, 2008

Yellow submarine in Radio Kaikan

yellow submarine in radio kaikan
Yellow submarine is a hoby shop chain.
This shop is in the Radio Kaikan.

historical figure
Photo above is a figure of "Uesugi Kenshin".
It was displayed in historical figure coner.

import model
Photo above is import models.


Photo above is miniatures

Lum in Kimono

lum in kimonoLum is a character of Japanese manga and anime "Urusei Yetsura".
I have seen her in kimono at first time.
I think it might be rare.
I took this photo one of the shop in radio kaikan.

November 19, 2008

Radio Kaikan

radio kaikan"Radio Kaikan" is a shopping center in akihabara.
It is close to akihabara station.
They sell audio equipment, PC, figure, DVD, game, and so on.

hoby shop in radio kaikan
figure shop in radio kaikan
figure shop in radio kaikan
figure shop in radio kaikan
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