March 10, 2009

Imperial Palace Plaza

Imperial palace plaza
Imperial palace plaza is a park which is located out side of the Imperial palace.
And it is next to East garden of the Imperial palace.
This park is near to Tokyo station.

Many pine trees are planted in the large park.
And you can see many architectures of former Edo castle such as gates, bridges, moats and turrets.
Because Imperial palace is located on the site of former Edo castle which was residence of Tokugawa shogun in Edo Era.

Imperial palace plaza
statue in imperial palace plaza
view from Imperial palace plaza
view from imperial palace plaza
view from Imperial palace plaza
These photos were taken March , 7 , 2009.


amatamari said...

Oh how I wish be there...
look at the castle, walk in that park ...


I think all wonderful!!!

Al said...

Is the statue of Tokugawa?

Ken Mac said...

enjoying your pics of a city I would love to visit!

Marc said...

Great pictures of this wonderful park. I like the pine trees and the wide open space. Another peaceful place you have shown us.

nobu said...

Thanks all!!

Ai; It is not Tokugawa but Kusunoki Masashige.
He was a 14th century Samurai.

Malyss said...

The picture with the statue of the samouraï and the one with the white house in the angle, near the water, are my two favorites. This place seems to be out of time.This is another peaceful place in the middle of the modern city, like an oasis of quietness and empty space..Very beautyful

JM said...

Another beautiful place! The trees and their shadows are fantastic!

Al said...


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