March 25, 2009

Kabuki-za Theater

kabuki-za theater
Kabuki-za theater is a theater for Kabuki.
It is located in ginza.
It was opened in 1889.
Current building was rebuilt in 1950.
But it will be broken down in 2010 for new building.
We will lose a wonderful land mark in ginza.
Personally, I think it should be kept with repair construction.

kabuki-za theater
display in front of kabuki-za theater
display in front of kabuki-za theater
kabuki-za theater (Note)
These photos were taken on March 21 , 2009


Kaori said...

I went to see Chushingura once, and it was great. I think they should just do renovations too. But I guess the building is pretty old and needs to be rebuilt...

Vogon Poet said...

It's a pity if you lose this wonderful landmark. I agree with you about fixing it in some way.

Malyss said...

I can't imagine someone could want to destroy this!the building is so beautyful, the decoration and the architecture so rich!!
In France , we would do something to stop that: create a web site, collect signings on a petition,call the national and international TVs, resist, protest!!
and if all that don't work, take thousends of pictures , try to keep some pieces of the place, in order to save the memory of it!

Hilda said...

Oh no! I'm all for repairing it too — can't they? It's so beautiful!

amatamari said...

After seeing these beautiful images
I wonder why is not possible
maintain this precious building ...


Marc said...

It looks too traditional and beautiful to knock down. I understand you're in favour of keeping it.

JM said...

Fantastic fa├žade and entrance! Gorgeous architecture!

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