March 24, 2009

Miharabashi Crossing

miharabashi crossingMiharabashi crossing is a crossing which harumi-dori(street) meets showa-dori(street).
If you walk to the East from ginza 4 chome crossing along harumi-dori, you will see this scenery.
You can see kabuki-za theater in this photo.
I will post photos of kabuki-za theater tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

This photo was taken on March 21 , 2009.


amatamari said...

Book a place for theater Kabuki!!!


Malyss said...

I guess the theater is the building with the japanese roof?!
I went to see your yesterday's post and discovered the vintage pictures of old japanese movies. I like them so much!

Marc said...

Great contrast between architectural styles again. Look forward to a closer look at the theatre tomorrow.

Anne Vis said...

Interesting to see that this picture could have been taken almost anywhere, where it not for the two roofs ...

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