March 1, 2009

Musical Instruments Shops in Ochanomizu

musical instruments shop
musical instruments shop
musical instruments shop
I took these photos at kanda-surugadai in ochanomizu.
There are so many musical instruments shops there.
I don't know certainly why those musical instruments shops gather in this neighborhood.
But I suppose the reason is that the neighborhood is students town.

These photos were taken on February 21 , 2009.


Anonymous said...

How is your economy now? I had heard, from friends in Sendai, not so good. Many people out of work.

nobu said...

Yes, The employment situation worsens day by day in Japan.

Marc said...

I would certainly like to take a look in those shops. It's very convenient to have many located together. I hope you're doing well nobu!

Malyss said...

If the shops are all near , the prices can stay low. And it's true that students like playing music.It seems that there are only modern instruments, not traditionnal ones? (maybe they are more precious, and then kept inside the shops?)

Anne Vis said...

Looks like you have an amazing choice!

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