March 20, 2009

Hibiya-dori at Marunouchi

hibiya-dori at marunouchi
hibiya-dori at marunouchi I took these photos in front of the Imperial palace plaza.
First photo, to the South and second photo, to the North.
Marunouchi is a business district in heart of Tokyo.
This street is hibiya-dori.
These photos are taken on March 7 , 2009.


B Squared said...

I'm surprised there are so few people.

nobu said...

I took these photos on Saturday, almost office were closed.

Hyde DP said...

nicely captured shadows

Kiji said...

Hello Nobu

Very interesting photoblog!

ps: I ignore that Nobu' was living in Edo ;)

Jacob said...

Wonderful photos...I've never seen any of this so I appreciate your posting these pictures.

Was this a protective moat at one time?

m_m said...

Very nice! Great place and weather:) We have snow in Poland:(

Marc said...

I bet this sidewalk and the park are busy during lunchtime with all the office workers going for a stroll.

nobu said...

Thanks all.

Yes, it was a deffensive moat of former Edo castle.

Yes, many people stroll and rest by the moat in week day's lunch time.

amatamari said...

I like this union
civilization with nature,
and I am always surprised
by a sense of beauty and balance ...

Tthanks, beautiful images


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