May 8, 2009

Rickshaw in Ginza

rickshaw in ginza
I took this photo on sotobori-dori (street) at ginza.
Those rickshaws are for parade of Ginza Yanagi Matsuri.
You can see runners of rickshaw in this photo.
I will show you those rickshaws running tomorrow.

This photo was taken on May 5 , 2009.


JM said...

Rickshaws are lovely, but I'm glad they are not used anymore as it was very hard for the 'drivers'.

Cezar and Léia said...

HEllo dear Nobu!
This post is really cool!
I agree with JM but I need to confess I would like to try it just one time! Of course not as a driver!!!!
Have a great weekend

Malyss said...

Are some runners women?! But a rickshaw is heavy, I think..

m_m said...

They are fascinating!

Jacob said...

Beautiful richshaw! I've always felt they were labor intensive, though...not a good way to make a living.

Hilda said...

Very lovely rickshaws. Are they still used extensively in Japan?

amatamari said...

Even the women?
Beautiful image, I would really like to see everything close by!

nobu said...

Thanks all!
Usually Rickshaw run olny for tourist.
I suppose if you go to asakuea,you can see it, or get on it.

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